This Woman’s Cupcakes Were Returned for Being Stale; She Wasn’t Expecting What Happened Next


Cupcake store owner Sharon has had a tough year. She suffered from cancer and experienced an unexpected death in the family. On top of that, her son developed a rare degenerative disease. His medical expenses caused her to get a little behind on her rent, and she had to work extra hours to make ends meet. Her work took her away from her ailing son. All she wanted was to spend more time with him.

Jackie O and her team decided that Sharon deserved a little help. They surprised her by pretending to be dissatisfied with their cupcakes, complaining they were stale and had a strange flavor. When Sharon opened the cupcake box to see what the problem was, she had a big surprise waiting on her!

This inspiring video shows how just a little kindness can impact someone’s life. Life can be tough for some people, but a stranger’s generosity makes a huge difference. Please SHARE on Facebook!

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