Woman’s Home is Haunted


Many people completely disregard paranormal activity. However, this poor woman doesn’t have an option to ignore it. There is a presence in her home that is actively disrupting her life. Throughout the course of the video, you will see various supernatural phenomena.

First, the woman shows a cup moving seemingly under its own accord across the counter. This is not the end of the paranormal activity. The supernatural entity moved several items in the home. The light fixture is seen to be swinging violently from the ceiling. A single flower in a bouquet is seen to be moving wildly in opposition to the rest of the bouquet. Lastly, this poor woman highlights a spoon that is moving of its own volition.

The spoon spins, hops and jumps across the counter. Each of these occurrences lacks any suggestion that a human force is responsible for the activity, leaving the viewer to conclude that the woman’s assertions may be true. Her home is haunted. If you enjoyed this video, please share in Facebook.

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