Women Recovers From Locked in Syndrome, This is Truly Amazing


A woman in Utah has suffered from a condition known as locked in syndrome. Through doctors only gave her eight years to live she is doing very well today. This video will show how well she is doing.
According to doctors this woman was brain dead and she should be allowed to die. Once day a nurse noticed some slight movement in her eye. This woman was trapped in her own body. She heard everything that was going on around her but was not able to respond.

Nissa she is able to move around and is slowly getting her life back on track. When she was in the hospital she wanted to call for help but was trapped inside her own body. Nissa was nursing her youngest daughter when she suddenly collapsed. According to doctors she was suffering from a stroke. Even in the hospital Niass was unresponsive . She was not able to talk or move but she knew what she wanted to say.

When she was in the hospital her family was warned that she did not have much time. A nurse was working with her and noticed that she was able to close her eye. With a lot of care and attention Nissa was slowly able to regain movement. After years she is back with her children. While her recovery is slow she is able to communicate and live a life with her family. Please SHARE in Facebook.