It happened in 2006, 200 horses got stuck on a small piece of mud covered land when a huge storm caused the waters to rise
Save the Great Holland Horse.

Media around the world covered the story. 19 of these horses were unable to do so due to the exhibition. After 3 days of falling in the same place, the horses cannot be saved. Fortunately, firefighters and social workers were able to provide them with all the basic necessities to help them survive.

Even after the water level began to drop, authorities were unable to come up with a plan to save the horses.
They were afraid to enter the water, which made it almost impossible to enter voluntarily.

Then they had an idea.

First, a group of knights and horses marched through the shallows. Hopefully the stuck horses would follow soon due to the herd mentality.

Everyone hoped that they would pass to the other side without any loss.

But did they do it? Fortunately, the precious seconds were captured in the video so we could watch it even after a decade! Watch the rescue of life happen!

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