You Won’t Believe These Crazy Wedding Gown Looks!


Deciding on a wedding gown is one of the highlights for a bride who is about to walk down the aisle. While there are many tasteful gowns in all styles to choose from, these gowns clearly are in a class all their own! This video showcases two gowns that will have you wondering how the wearer even put them on! The first gown is so poofy, the host says the bride and groom could live in it once they are married.

You will laugh out loud as you see the two ladies coming out in these gowns. They can barely walk and it would be difficult to imagine them being able to go down the aisle. When the first lady is walking out, she nearly takes out a little girl who is dressed as a bridesmaid! Can you imagine walking down the aisle in these crazy gowns? If you think these gowns are way over the top, Please SHARE on Facebook.