You Won’t Believe How Dangerous Aspartame Is

Just when you thought that the sugar in fizzy drinks was the main thing to be worried about, the dangers of the artificial sweetener known as aspartame became apparent.

The sweetener – commonly known as E951 – is used in a variety of products, but it has gained much of its notoriety for its presence in fizzy drinks. When you take a Diet Coke or a Pepsi Max, you might think you are being healthier, but the sugar is actually substituted for aspartame. The awful chemical has been linked to a variety of disorders, including diabetes, migraines, brain disorders and even cancer.

If it came down to a choice between having sugar or aspartame in our fizzy drinks, we would be better off with sugar. Sugar isn’t exactly good for us, but as you can see, aspartame is much worse. Please SHARE this video on Facebook.


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