You Won’t Believe The Joy On This 101 Year Old Woman’s Face As She Plays In The Snow


This video of a woman who is 101 years old enjoying the snow will make you smile. She shows that no one is ever too old to enjoy the little things in life. Watch this video see how amused she is at the image of herself appearing on the TV screen, and then watch as it plays the old clip of her building a snowball and chucking it into the woods. She appreciates the fact that the snow is packing well, a smile on her face the whole while.

You won’t be able to contain a smile of your own as you watch the pure joy that she experiences as she plays in the snow.

This video is something so special, and it is sure to teach you a good lesson. Go ahead and watch it right now, and then make sure to SHARE it on Facebook with your friends and family.

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