You Won’t Believe the Way School Children in Japan Eat Lunch!


This video is one that will interest you more than you realize. If you are used to the American lunchroom system, the way the Japanese enjoy their lunch in school will quite surprise you. From the food grown by the children to the delicious recipes, these children enjoy lunch in a way no American could ever dream! It is amazing to see these children enjoying their meal and each step of the process of taking their forty-five-minute lunch.

It is a shame other countries cannot allow school children to truly enjoy their lunch in this manner. These children do not have to complain about the food they are being served because it is just like the foods they enjoy at home. Each day, lunch becomes a learning opportunity for these students and their teacher. Each student is so polite and they are patient in each step of the process of eating. If you enjoyed this video, Please SHARE on Facebook.

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