You Won’t Believe the Words That Come Out of This Toddler’s Mouth


When Daddy is filming his little one, we expect a cute video of baby sweetness. In this video, viewers will be shocked to hear the words that quickly escape the lips of this toddler. When his Daddy tells him to say, “Oh, Man!”, he comes out with a completely different phrase that means the same thing. Sound like baby has heard Daddy say some words he might not have realized baby would begin saying!

As a parent, it can be difficult preventing your child from picking up bad language habits. It seems they want to repeat almost everything they hear, especially if they get a laugh from others. While this video is absolutely adorable, should parents be encouraging such language in one that can barely walk? Watch the video and report your opinion. No matter what you think, this video is likely to bring a smile to your face. Please SHARE on Facebook so others can add their personal opinions.

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