Words are Never Needed When Bodies Tell The Story


Everyone has some talent in their body, but none more than this duo found on Ukraine’s Got Talent.

Just like the popular show found in many countries the first minute of the video is of the judges talking to and getting to know the performers. Unless you speak the native language of Ukraine you will not understand a word of it.

But after the one minute mark the dances will speak volumes when they begin to dance.

This interpretive dance tells a romantic story, but the dance itself shows that these two have incredible talents. There are stunts seen here that make the audience and the judges gasp with amazement, as moves are done that will take your breath away.

The incredible balance and stamina of these two dancers is amazing, and they were in perfect harmony with each other.

The lady dancer by herself is flexible in ways that could make her a great contortionist but together with her male partner tell a story of great romance.

Wrapped up after the performance of course the judges give their reviews with three yesses, letting the performers go on to the next stage of rounds.

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