A World War Two Veteran Is Warmly Honored By a Series of Marathon Runners


Marathon runners are famously the sort of people who will stop for no one and nothing. They will keep on running almost regardless of the circumstances, since they don’t want all of the effort that they spent in training to go to waste just because of some momentary distraction. They don’t want to risk losing the competition either, and even brief pauses are threatening in that regard. As such, a greeting from a marathon runner is a big deal, which the World War Two veteran in this video understands.

In this video, the marathon runners that were passing through when the World War Two veteran was present quickly run towards him for a momentary handshake. They still don’t stop running, but it’s still a powerful moment given the context. The World War Two veteran offers them his own words of encouragement, which just makes the proceedings feel warmer. This is a video that people would adore on Facebook.


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