The World’s Tallest and Possibly Friendliest Horse – Jake


We’ve seen dogs and cats set records many times. One thing most people haven’t seen; however, is the world’s tallest horse. In this video, we see Jake, the world’s tallest horse, standing next to his owner (who looks very small in comparison). While we learn about Jake’s size, we also get to take a look into the personality of Jake.

Despite his large, potentially intimidating stature, Jake loves people and tends to be very friendly toward others, even when in large crowds. While one would assume that your typical animal would shy away, especially in a situation where the animal in question (Jake, in this case) is being put on “display,” for others to come admire the world’s tallest horse, this tends to not be the case.

Despite his constant responsibility of putting on shows for people, and his special needs (for health reasons, Jake must be put on a special diet), Jake maintains a friendly demeanor at all times. If you like horses, world records or both, please SHARE this video on Facebook so everyone can meet Jake for themselves.

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