Worn Out Adorable Puppy Falls Asleep On Swing


You truly know you are tired when you can pass out and fall asleep while playing. This little pup has clearly had enough action and is now so tired she can no longer stay awake. What an adorable scene this is to watch. As the swing keeps on swinging, the puppy is snoozing away! She must have played herself completely out to be that tired!

This Golden Retriever puppy is only five weeks old and she is growing like mad! This swing likely made her fall asleep because it mimics the motions she felt while she was in her mother’s tummy. What a comfortable position to sleep in, being gently rocked as you slumber. When she wakes up again, she is going to be raring to go and have fun! If you love puppies, do miss out on this little sweetie who is all tuckered out! Check out the cuteness in this video and be sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.