A Heartwarming X Factor Audition Involving a Nervous and Dedicated Performer


The people who are auditioning for the X Factor show will have a wide range of personalities. The contestant that is portrayed in this video is much more visibly nervous and shy than many of the people who usually audition, and he manages to get the sort of sympathy from the judges that few people will usually get. While almost everyone in his position is going to be nervous, of course, he’s open about it enough that his vulnerability is endearing.

When the contestant actually sings, he seems to come to life and throw caution to the wind, which only adds to the quality of his stunning vocal performance. The crowd more or less goes wild immediately afterward.

The way the video establishes the contestant’s personality in advance just makes everything that much more emotional. People on Facebook would love this video for its great vocal content and for the opportunity to see a contestant that’s vulnerable instead of ostentatious.