Young Boy Returns Home From School To Find An Intruder In His Home!


The eleven-year-old in this video had no idea what was lurking in his home when he got home from school one day! As he went inside the door, he heard noises and then saw a man standing in his home that he did not recognize. This young boy was a quick thinker and did not stick around to ask him why he was there. Thankfully, he ran to a neighbor’s house and got help!

This is a news story that ended well. This little boy was not harmed in any way and the police were able to use the video surveillance from the home to catch the robber and put him in custody. This video is being circulated so people will realize the right thing to do is to run and get help instead of trying to confront a thief. After you have watched this video, make sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.