Young Boy Transforms Before the Camera as He Faces the Reality of His Parents Divorce


Billy is a young kid just like any other. He loves playing with his friends, riding his bike, and enjoying time with his dog. When he went on the Oprah show the first time, Billy’s life had suddenly taken a disastrous turn because his parents were divorcing. Billy resented his Dad for leaving and it was causing his grades to drop and his weight to climb. This video shows Billy over a year’s time and the differences he went through to realize divorce did not have to be so horrible.

Through counseling and a lot of love, Billy was able to overcome the pain and get on with his life. He realized he could not let his Dad’s actions cause him to miss out on his childhood. Although he still has a while to go to truly overcome the divorce, he is making daily strides with the help of his family. If Billy’s story touches your heart, Please SHARE on Facebook.