Young Boy’s Dream Comes True When Make A Wish Allows Him To Meet Cam Newton


This is truly an inspiring and touching video to watch. Noah is a young boy who suffers from a rare disease that causes him to be hospitalized on a frequent basis. He also has to go through a tremendous amount of testing and treatment. When Make A Wish learned Noah’s dream was to meet Cam Newton, quarterback of the Carolina Panthers, they made it happen! When you see this little boy’s dream come true, it is likely to bring tears to your eyes.

Noah is so amazed when he learns he is going to get to fly to Charlotte to see the Panther’s stadium. What Cam and crew have in store for him makes him smile from ear to ear. Not only does Cam Newton take the time to meet Noah in this video, he also takes him to a Hornets game, signs jerseys, takes photos, and encourages Noah to keep hanging on. If you think Cam Newton is truly an MVP, Please SHARE on Facebook.