A Very Young Child Does Lip Syncing to the Popular Adele Song Hello As It Plays in the Background


Lip syncing often creates a very strange effect. It creates a strong sense of dissonance, since the voice and the singer frequently do not match. This is especially true when it comes to popular singers with distinctive voices, like Adele, and singers that are vastly different from them in terms of appearance. In this case, it is a very young child lip syncing to Adele, so the two of them have very little in common physically.

The lip syncing has an almost surreal effect, but the little girl is having a lot of fun, so viewers are sure to have a lot of fun with her. Lip syncing can be a way that very young children learn communication and music as well. People should please SHARE┬áthis video on Facebook, since it is certainly adorable to watch, and it certainly isn’t the sort of thing that people will see every day.

Tangee McMahon