A Very Young Dolly Parton Records and Sings Her Classic Song Dumb Blonde With a Silly Introduction


This video manages to demonstrate the problem with having a song that has an embarrassing title. The announcer ends up comically stumbling when he is trying to introduce Dolly Parton and the song that she is going to be singing, since the song is called Dumb Blonde. Dolly Parton is certainly a blonde herself, but she is not a dumb one, which only adds to the humor.

The video clip is from 1967, and it manages to work as a product of its era on many different levels. Many people will appreciate the vintage quality of the clip. They will also be shocked to see such a young Dolly Parton, since she has been in the business for so many years and people have seen her take on so many different looks. People shouldplease SHARE this video on Facebook, since many people will be interested in seeing a vintage clip like this, especially Dolly Parton fans.