Young Fashionista Is Taught Valuable Lesson When She Bullies a Girl Because of Her Clothes


Kaley Lindstrom is your average fourth grader who loves wearing the latest fashions. When she began to bully another girl in her class, her parents immediately knew what they needed to do. In this video, you will learn how Kaley quickly learned her lesson and apologized to her victim and even became her friend.

When Kaley’s stepmother took her to a thrift shop to pick out the ugliest clothes she could find, Kaley had no idea she would soon be wearing them. For two days, Kaley was forced to wear her thrift store selections while being made fun of at school. She soon received a taste of her own medicine and realized she was wrong. While some critics have come forward and said this is shaming, many have applauded the parents for their creative punishment. Watch the video and decide for yourself if this was a good call by the parents. Please SHARE on Facebook so others can weigh in.

ABC News