Young Girl Flawlessly Performs “I Will Always Love You” Even Though She Can’t Speak English


This young girl was born blind and has never learned English. When she heard Whitney Houston’s iconic hit, “I Will Always Love You”, she made it her goal to learn the song even though she had no idea what the words meant or even how to pronounce them. It is a true miracle that she was able to learn the song in its entirety, simply by listening to it. When you hear her perform this beloved hit, you will be blown away at the true talent this sweet little girl holds!

It is amazing one so young could simply listen to a song a few times and learn it verbatim. It takes true talent to learn a song by ear, especially when it is being sung in a language that is not your native tongue! This little girl proves you can truly overcome any obstacle and pursue your dreams, no matter how big they are. Check out her song and Please SHARE on Facebook.