A Young Girl Gets to Have a Musical Dance Party on the Last Day of Her Cancer Treatment


People are always relieved to finish their cancer treatments. For a lot of people, that’s already enough of a gift in its own right. The hospital staff will do the best that they can in order to make sure that all of their patients get the best care, and they usually don’t have any more of themselves to give. This hospital staff went the extra mile and then some for this young cancer patient.

When she came in for her sendoff, she was greeted by a cheerful crowd. Before long, all of them were dancing to music together in what almost appeared to be a choreographed dance performance. There is no doubt that she got one of the most memorable farewells that any patient could receive. This video has a heartwarming quality to it, especially since it gives some exposure to a hospital staff that really cares. People all over Facebook would watch this video again and again.