This Young Lady Wows the Judges on Week 4 Auditions for Britain’s Got Talent


Everyone knows the auditions for Britain’s Got Talent can be stressful for those who are auditioning. When this beautiful young lady steps to the stage, you can immediately tell how nervous she is. She wants to be able to do her best but the judges are a formidable presence. When you begin to watch this video, you will soon hear an angelic voice that seems to transcend time. When she begins to belt out Cher’s Believe, the audience goes mad!

This young girl is only fourteen-years-old but already has the professional voice of someone much older. She adds her own spin to Cher’s hit song and makes it completely her own. You will love watching the reactions of the judges as they realize this girl is the real deal. It is clear to see Jasmine Elcock has a long and prosperous career ahead of her! After watching this video, Please SHARE on Facebook for others to enjoy!