A Young Man Left in Coma For 5 Years, Who He Sees First Kept Him From Crying


A young farm boy who always dreamed of having his own family, met an accident with her girlfriend. A shocking accident that no one could ever imagine how these two young couple had survived.

However, this farm boy, named Mikael have been into coma after the accident, while his lovely girlfriend has been recuperating very well into the same hospital where they were admitted.

Some say it’s really a miracle how they survived the call of death. But, the sad news is, Mikael is still in coma for how many years from now.

Her girlfriend, Jen, was beside Mikael all through the years, taking care of him at the hospital, waiting and hoping, that one day her love will wake up from almost 5 years of coma.

There are multiple occasions were Jen would want to give up on Mikael, but love and faith in God never permitted her. She continually stayed in the loving arms of Mikael, bathe him, kissed him, hugged him and prayed for him. Many important celebrations were missed, birthdays, anniversaries and so on.

But one day, Mikael, miraculously woke up from over 5 years from coma. From his 5 years of sleep, he woke up in tears knowing that his love was there right beside him.

Seeing his girlfriend, Jen, and knowing that all through the years she was the one who never gave up on him. A love that no one could break apart, a love that would succeed even if death have separated them temporarily.

It was really a wonderful world for the two, separated by sadness, grief, challenges and hundreds of sacrifices – a love story one wishes to have for the rest of their lives.