Young Man Sees His Mother For The First Time In Ten Years!


This video has been ten years in the making and features a son who is about to get the surprise of his life. This young man has not seen his mother in ten years because of issues with her not being able to fly from Africa to the United States. When her grandson was born, she vowed that one way or another she would get to her son and see his new child. This video was secretly planned to surprise the man with his brother and mother visiting. When you see his reaction to seeing both of them, you will feel such joy!

When this young man sees his mother is hiding in his dining room, he goes running for her at full speed. As he lies on the floor and sobs as his mother holds him in her arms, your heart will ache for him and the time they have spent apart! Check out this amazing video and Please SHARE on Facebook.

Shannon Slattery