Young Teenage Girl Dies Of Fatal Heart Attack After Drinking Energy Drinks All Day


This video features a segment from the Nancy Grace Show. Here, Nancy is reporting on a young teenage girl’s death as she was visiting the beaches of Mexico with friends. Reportedly, she consumed energy drinks all day without drinking any water. That night, she suffered a fatal heart attack and her friends and family feel it was caused by the energy drinks she drank all day. Sadly, her death could have been avoided if only she had known the dangers of drinking too many energy drinks.

The girl was only sixteen-years-old and having the time of her life with her friends on the beach all day. She drank the energy drinks all day long and they may have caused abnormal heart rhythms to develop which led to her death. It is important people are aware of the dangers of consuming too many of these drinks. To warn everyone, Please SHARE on Facebook right away.

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