A Young Teenager Manages to Astound the Audience With a Heartwarming Vocal Performance


Britain’s Got Talent has been very effective at helping very young people get a start in the entertainment industry. It always helps to start very young in that industry, seeing as how many people in the entertainment industry retire at almost the same moment that people in other professions become the leaders in their fields. In this video, viewers are introduced to a fifteen-year-old singer, and get some personal history on him before hearing his performance of She’s Always a Woman.

The singer has a deep and hearty voice that makes him seem older than he is, even if he is still a very physically young-looking boy. The moment he sings, the audience forgets about his tender years altogether, and so will the audience of YouTube. People who have that much talent at an early age are fortunate indeed. This is a great video to SHARE on Facebook, especially among music fans.