You’re Doing It all Wrong- How to Make a ‘Moist Thanksgiving’?


Thanksgiving calls for the start of the festive season. And there is nothing alike the Thanksgiving turkey. With all the celebration, comes the dish of Thanksgiving Turkey to serve to the family and friends. But it is not easy to get the turkey evenly moist to taste best.

The video shows the best way to make the turkey moist. The first step involves the removal of the giblets from the turkey and wings. Then, the skin must be patted with a towel. The turkey is to be rubbed with vegetable oil after adding salt and pepper to it. The next step is to place small pieces of butter under the skin of turkey.

The stuffing of onion and lemon is to be inserted into it. It has to be put to roast for 45 minutes in breast down position. Continue to baste it after every 20 minutes. When the temperature reaches 160-180⁰ C, keep it undisturbed for 30 minutes for the juices to redistribute evenly. You’re sure to get a Thanksgiving turkey that you and your family will love!