Heroes come in all shapes and sizes – something a 2-year-old recently demonstrated when he saved his twin brother from disaster.

The child was playing with his brother when their wardrobe tipped over and hung. And what happened next had parents all over the world singing the little boy.

Now the twins’ father, Ricky Shoof, has shared the video on Facebook. It shows his son’s remarkable strength and composure as he lifts the treasure for his beleaguered twin brother.

Scroll down to see the video. It’s a great lifesaver and it’s also a reminder to parents everywhere to get their children’s furniture out. No child should suffer a totally preventable tragedy!

Kylie Choff lives with her husband and two twin sons in Orem, Utah.

A video clip she and her husband Ricky posted of their sons is now streaming on Facebook.

The video begins with the brothers pulling their wardrobe drawers out of their bedroom. But when they start climbing into the drawers, the cabinets – loosely attached to the wall – flip them over and crush Brooke, one of the twins. His brother, Bodhi, managed to avoid being pinned by the wardrobe and managed to muster the strength to pull out his brother’s wardrobe.

The Kylie twins’ mother had been upstairs for a while and didn’t hear the cupboard fall or Brooke cry, writes the Daily Mail.

When she returned to the bedroom, the boys were playing together as if nothing had happened.

Father Ricky discussed whether to release the video and allow the public to view it. But in the end, he decided to post it to remind parents to secure their children’s rooms.

“We are so grateful for the bond these two twin brothers share. We know Buddy wasn’t the only one moving Brooke’s wardrobe. I feel so blessed that he is doing well.” Please make sure all your cabinets are screwed and fixed to the wall. . Please share,” Ricky Shoof wrote on Facebook.

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