A kayaker in St. Louis River recently found a young boy swimming alone and in distress. The kayaker, DJ Jones, was out for a fishing trip when he noticed a father and his son in a sailboat nearby. While the father was pulling his anchor, the boy continued swimming, but soon after, the father was gone, and the boy was screaming for help as he was swept away by the current.

Jones quickly realized the severity of the situation and abandoned his fishing to paddle as quickly as possible to the boy. He managed to calm the scared and cold 6-year-old and brought him to shore. Jones contacted the emergency medical services to ensure the boy was alright and stayed long enough to witness the father and law enforcement being reunited with the child.

The rescue was captured on Jones’ body camera, and he shared the video on his Instagram account, along with his account of the incident. Jones’ actions were hailed as heroic by many, and he received recognition for his bravery and quick thinking in rescuing the child.

The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of water safety, particularly for children. It also highlights the significance of being alert and responsive in emergency situations, as Jones demonstrated. Overall, Jones’ actions are a testament to the power of courage and compassion in helping those in need.

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