These days, the web is surrounded by an animated video from Riley Children’s Health Hospital, located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

There, doctors and nurses bid farewell to a 7-year-old girl who made the world cry.
Zahra Austin, 7, had a horrific accident a few days ago – shortly after her birthday celebration she accidentally fell with a balloon tied to her bed. Unconsciously, she was found by her mother, who immediately called paramedics, and a neighbor also helped resuscitate her daughter.

The rescuers then discovered a heartbeat in the young girl, but unfortunately, a cruel fate would have it otherwise. Her brain had been without oxygen for a long time and the girl would never recover.

Parents told doctors that Zahira wanted to become an organ donor. Their words were listened to and the girl became a heroine before her death and she saved many children by donating organs. The hospital posted a touching scene online when several doctors and a number of nurses paid tribute to him before heading to the operating room.

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