Robert De Niro, one of Hollywood’s most renowned actors, has surprised fans by announcing that he has become a father for the seventh time at the age of 79. The Oscar-winning star confirmed the news during an interview with ET Canada about his upcoming film, About My Father.

When asked about being a father of six, De Niro corrected the interviewer, saying: “Seven, actually… I just had a baby.” However, he did not disclose any details about the mother of his seventh child, whom he joins six other children from previous relationships with three women.

De Niro has received worldwide acclaim for his performances in movies such as The Godfather, Part II, and Raging Bull, and has played many father figures in films like Meet the Parents, A Bronx Tale, and Silver Linings Playbook. He has also won two Academy Awards for his roles.

In his latest project, About My Father, he stars alongside Sebastian Maniscalco in a comedy about a man who takes his dad on holiday with his fiancée and her eccentric family.

Despite his impressive resume, De Niro admits that he is not always the “cool father” he’d like to be. He said, “My kids disagree with me at times, they’re respectful. My daughter is 11 and she gives me grief sometimes and I argue with her and adore her.” However, he remains committed to doing the right thing for his children and giving them the benefit of the doubt, even if it means being stern with them.

Although De Niro has been married twice and is a grandfather, he has never shied away from expanding his family. He stated, “With my youngest now there will be more to come, but that’s, you know – that’s what it is.”

Recent reports have linked the actor to Tiffany Chen, a martial arts instructor, but neither has publicly confirmed their relationship. Nevertheless, fans are delighted to hear of De Niro’s latest addition to his family and eagerly anticipate his upcoming projects

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