Adoption is a great resource for many people who are helping children live their lives to the fullest with adoptive families who are very happy to have them. Some adoptions are open as the child gets to know their parents.

Others are closed, which means the baby will never know who gave birth to him. But what if, by a stroke of luck, you come across your family born after seventy long years?

This story, told by Inside Edition, begins with a woman named Wanda LeBlanc. Wanda received a DNA test at home for Christmas. These DNA tests tell you about your background and family history. When the results came out, Wanda saw relatives that matched her DNA. But one name was unrecognizable.

That name was Lynn Ray. As soon as Wanda clicked on Lynn’s profile, she discovered something incredible. Lynn’s profile indicated that she was adopted and had not met her family of origin.

Lynn, from North Carolina, later confided to Wanda that she had been looking for her mother for many years without success. But no one was prepared for what was to happen next.

When Wanda spoke with her family and her grandmother, Elizabeth Boleyn, who lives in Louisiana, about the situation with Lane, the truth came out. Elizabeth told her granddaughter that seventy years ago she put her daughter up for adoption.

At that time, many adoptions were closed and therefore no contact between the born family was allowed. But once Elizabeth found out Lynn was looking for her, they decided to have a reunion in May 2019 that would change their lives forever.

The two finally managed to stand side by side for the first time in over seven decades, and it’s a sight you have to see for yourself to believe.

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