In Spain, it is a traditional practice to release bulls on closed streets, giving people an opportunity to escape. However, each year, this tradition leads to the death of the bulls and elicits widespread disapproval.

However, this story had a unique outcome. The bull was charging through the streets as people were fleeing in all directions, when suddenly an elderly man approached the animal. It turned out to be the bull’s former owner, who had been breeding the bull from its birth. The previous owner had later purchased the bull and taken it to his pasture. This act of kindness and respect was a heartwarming moment.

The reunion of the bull and its former owner serves as a reminder of the bond that can be formed between animals and their caretakers. Despite the bull’s life being in danger, it was able to recognize its former owner and vice versa. It also highlights the need for a more humane and considerate approach to the treatment of animals in traditional practices.

In conclusion, the bull’s reunion with its former owner is a touching example of the connection between animals and humans and shows the importance of treating all creatures with dignity and respect.

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