A 31-year-old Danish woman refuses to shave her mustache until she can think. Eldina Jaganjak, a teacher in Copenhagen, is increasingly troubled by the expectations of society, especially men, of women, especially when it comes to hair removal.

Edina gave up thinking and shaved off her mustache in March 2020 at the age of 31 after learning that facial hair made her feel completely feminine. Although she doesn’t care about her appearance, she loves herself the way she is. The men were asked to say things like “think” to Edina. He even looked like a “third head” was staring at him. According to her, facial hair keeps people away from her that she doesn’t want.

On the other hand, Idina believes that her single eyebrow and facial hair keeps her “conservative” suitors at bay and allows her to meet men who love her for her personality rather than her looks.

“I used to think that before I show singles eyebrows, women have quite a few choices about how they should look. No one notices or complains if a man doesn’t shave or doesn’t think. Nothing is out of the ordinary.” According to Yonelad, Eldina gave in.

“I’ve learned to be strict with myself, like many other women. For example, I would avoid leaving the house unless my margins were small and toned, and I would avoid going to the gym unless my feet were hairy,” he continued. he.

“Like it or not, I’m now more focused on my responsibilities and goals and less on what I look like when I’m trying to achieve them. I won’t accomplish much of it, and even if I did I would “I don’t care,” he said,

It wasn’t okay at first, Eldina said, “but if people have nothing better than yelling at strangers, that’s it.”

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