An Adorable Deer is Caught Up in Some Christmas Lights!

The majority of the times that a cute video about an animal is uploaded onto YouTube, it doesn’t fail to garner the attention of the public—such is the case of the ‘Deer Tangled in Christmas Lights-Rescued’ video, which has already attained over 184,000 views in less than two months.

Just like the title of it hints, in this video, you will see a deer that somehow got caught up in some Christmas lights. Two friendly people wanted to help the deer, and did so, but with a couple of struggles, as the deer didn’t want to be touched.


The female that is visible in the video tried to get the deer closer to the fence by trying to allure him with an apple she was holding in hand. It took her a while for the deer to come to her. The male in the video was trying to get a hold of the lights that were on the antlers, but the big eyed creature was getting scared by his movement, so both of them stepped backward.

After a couple of struggles, the male in the video was able to safely take the lights of the deer’s antlers while the female in the video was gone looking for cutters.

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