This Adorable Dog Loves Getting His Hair Blow Dried!

This dog is so chill, he loves getting his hair blow dried and it is adorable to watch! Seeing his hair blowing with the strong wind in slow motion will have you laughing out loud. This guy looks like he is having the time of his life at a spa made just for him. What an absolutely adorable dog the pup in this video is! His owners must never have to fight with him to take a bath.


It is so fun to look at the expression of pure joy on his face as his groomer works on blowing out his beautiful coat. Can you imagine how gorgeous he must have looked when they were finished? This short video will have you mesmerized as you watch his fur blowing in the breeze. You might just have to watch it more than once just so you can see that cute expression on his face. After you enjoy the video, Please SHARE on Facebook.

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