Adorable Orangutan Poses With Young Lady For Photos

The sweet orangutan in this video truly loves hamming it up for the camera. Here, he is seen posing with a young lady that he has taken quite a liking to. He gives her smooches, puts his arms around her and smiles the cutest smile you have ever seen. You will love every minute of this cute video so make sure you watch to the end so you do not miss out on the best part.


It is important orangutans are protected because they are dwindling in numbers. We do not want to lose out on these beautiful creatures! This video shows how truly intelligent these gorgeous creatures are. Can you imagine getting the opportunity to enjoy a photo shoot with this handsome guy? What memories this video will provide for many years to come for the young lady. Watch this adorable footage and don’t forget to Please SHARE on Facebook.

People’s Daily, China
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