This Adorable Shih Tzu Is As Ferocious As A Shark!

Munchkin is her name and biting is her game! When you see her all cuddled up under a pillow and blanket, you will think she is too adorable for words. Unfortunately, this little Shih Tzu is not all that friendly and acts very much like a shark each time her owner brings his finger near her. You will laugh out loud as you see her snap her jaws and teeth each time she is confronted with the finger in this video.


Even though Munchkin might be a little mean, her cuteness makes you want to overlook her shortcomings. This tiny pooch is so funny to watch! Who would have thought such a tiny pup could have such a ferocious bite! This is a short video you will want to watch more than one time. Do not miss a minute of this sweet and funny video and then be sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.

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