We love our troops, and more so when they put their lives in line to fight for the country. But some of them are affected by the horrible experiences in war zones, and they carry this burden with them even when they get back and retire from the military. That’s why we need to understand them.

One judge did. Joe Serna, an army veteran, was brought before Judge Lou Olivera for lying about his urine test. He also had a record of a DUI charge from years back.

The judge, being a wise human, sentenced Joe to one night in jail. For some people, one night may be nothing, but to people like Joe, who also suffers from PSTD, it seems like an eternity.

The little room in jail reminded Joe of his days in the battle zone, and his anxiety rose. But before things got too complicated for Joe, the Judge was captured by the camera doing something out of the ordinary. You must want to see this!

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