Baby Fox Falls Down a Hole and Is Rescued Just in Time to Join His Mom

This video shows the rescue of a beautiful baby fox who has fallen down in a hole at the hospital. He and his mother have been crying and keeping the children at the hospital awake so the rescuer was called in so he could rescue the baby and reunite him with his family. When you see the rescue, you will be thrilled for the little guy as he is set free!


When the man pulls out his trusty ladder and climbs inside the hole with his cage, the baby fox is slightly apprehensive and is not so sure he wants to go inside it. Finally, he climbs inside and is then pulled to safety. Once the cage door is opened and he is free to go, he hesitates a moment and then runs off into the night to find his waiting mom. If you think this rescue video is absolutely adorable, Please SHARE on Facebook!

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