Baby Polar Bear Falls Into Deep Water and Finds He Is Rescued By His Mother


There is nothing like the bond between a mother and child, whether in a human or animal relationship. This video showcases how a mother will always work to protect her young, no matter the risk that is placed on her own life. In this video, an enthusiastic bearcub wants to swim in the deep waters like his mother, even though he is not able to swim just yet.

When he accidentally falls into the deep water, mom is right there to jump in and make sure he is able to climb out of the dangerous water and onto solid rock. This beautiful video will melt your heart as you see the panic in the mother bear’s eyes as she sees her little cub is in danger.

Without a moment’s hesitation, she is there when he needs her most. If you enjoyed getting a glimpse into this mother and son relationship, make sure you SHARE it on Facebook.