Jackson McKee has been ill almost his entire life. As a child, he was diagnosed with hydrocephalus after doctors discovered a cyst in his brain. Over the years, Jackson has undergone many different surgeries. Now he is preparing for another operation.

But, this time, he won’t go it alone. Jackson has a special bond with a certain stuffed animal and keeps it with him wherever he goes. So, his doctors asked if his favorite teddy bear could have surgery, too. Dr. Daniel McNeely, who has been a neurosurgeon since he was first diagnosed, couldn’t say no.

Having developed a strong relationship with Jackson over the years, Dr. McNeely thought this little gesture would make the little one at least feel a little better about having another surgery. So, when Jackson brought the teddy bear into the operating room, Dr. McNeely was ready.

He had a special operating table set up next to where Jackson would have his operation. There were a few special surgical instruments prepared to prepare for Operation Bears. Dr. McNeely ended up using some of the sutures left over from Jackson’s procedure on the stuffed animal.

Rick McKee, Jackson’s father, could not have been happier with the doctor’s handling of the situation. Having trusted Dr. McNeely all these years to take care of Jackson, Rick already knows what an amazing and affectionate neurosurgeon he was. This small act of kindness meant the world to Jackson and his family.

When Jackson woke up after the surgery, he was thrilled to see his favorite teddy bear lying next to him recovering as well. They even had matching stitches. What a great way for a little one who has been through so much to get that extra bit of rest when they really need it!

Dr. McNeely was so impressed with Jackson’s request that he posted some pictures on social media. His post has since gone viral for good reason. What a great doctor to be conscientious about taking care of his patients and to do that little thing to make them feel better.

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