Brian Justin Crum Performs Powerful Rendition of Queen’s “Somebody to Love”

Brian Justin Crum is a twenty-eight-year-old singer from San Diego, California. It is his life’s dream to be able to have his talent showcased for all the world to see. Auditioning on America’s Got Talent, Brian hopes he will be able to overcome his past and finally realize his dream of pursuing what he loves to do most. When you hear him sing in this video, you will not be able to believe how truly powerful his voice is as he sings Queen’s beloved hit, “Somebody to Love”.

When the judges and the audience hear Brian perform, they are truly shocked. It is clear they were not expecting that level of talent. Brian is able to beautifully perform this song, doing Freddie Mercury proud! When he gets a standing ovation, you can see it in his eyes that he feels his dreams are finally coming true. Check out Brian’s performance and Please SHARE on Facebook for all to view his video.

America’s Got Talent