Reflecting on the heartfelt gesture, Jony discussed the decision she and her now-husband made to shave their heads in solidarity with her mother, who was battling illness. Their engagement, when Jony was only 20, came unexpectedly early, but Alistair made sure to seek Macapagal’s approval first.

“He (Alistair) sought my mom’s blessing, and she enthusiastically agreed,” Jony recounted. She shared how Alistair proposed the idea of shaving their heads during the wedding ceremony. Jony expressed no apprehension or negativity about the idea, feeling honored to do something meaningful for her mom.

Wedding photographer Anaru Church described an atmosphere filled with infectious emotion, capturing heartfelt moments from every angle.

Jony took to Facebook to elaborate on the significance of the occasion. She revealed a promise made to her mother that she would shave her own head the next time Macapagal lost her hair due to chemotherapy. “She was thrilled. She embraced the idea wholeheartedly,” Jony recalled.

Jony and Alistair expedited their wedding, tying the knot just four weeks after getting engaged to ensure Macapagal could be part of the celebration and to pay tribute to her.

She admitted they hadn’t fully anticipated the impact their act would have on their wedding guests. Jony remarked, “Cancer touches everyone. It has affected countless lives. And we never expected our gesture to resonate so profoundly.”

Jony concluded by expressing her gratitude for being able to share such a profound experience with her mother before her passing

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