A 23-year-old vegetarian girl who fights for animal rights posted a video to the web from inside the slaughterhouse, as she comforted a calf with a cruel curse in its final moments.

Alex Livingston from Melbourne, Australia broke into the Benalla slaughterhouse in Victoria and then tied himself to a chain next to the calf.

Slaughterhouse staff wanted the activist fired immediately, but Alex did not give up. She demanded the release of at least two wheels, but her request was unsuccessful. The calf was slaughtered a few hours later.

Two calves were collected by the dams only 30 days after parturition. Alex wanted to let the public know what was really going on in the meat industry with his engagement. He says animals shouldn’t suffer from people’s greed.

Take a look at the animated video Alex filmed after storming the Benalla slaughterhouse!

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