School is a place where we learn various subjects that will guide us later in life. But as we learn more and more, it’s so much more than that.

During this time, children develop their sense of self and begin to have an idea of ​​who they are and have the potential to be. School is not without its challenges and it is easy for children to feel vulnerable when interacting and interacting with their peers and adults.

That’s why training children to be confident during these years is perhaps the most important “lesson” we can teach them.

In the end, there was one very particular cafeteria operator who disagreed more.

Stacy Truman has worked in the cafeteria at Kingston Elementary School in Virginia Beach, Va., for nearly a decade. She is a mother herself and over the past nine years has seen the young children at school grow and change over the years.

Although Stacey’s mission is to serve delicious meals to children every day, she always takes it upon herself to keep going. She knows many children by their first names, always brings a smile to her face, and is one of the most dedicated staff members at the school.

But perhaps most notable is Stacey’s “talking banana.”

During lunchtime, Stacey writes special banana notes — a few words to encourage the kids and boost their confidence — in other words, to make them feel special.

Each banana features unique inspirational notes, transcribed into a Sharpie picker – messages such as “Be your best self” and “You are a superhero”. Then the kids get one randomly on their tray – which of course makes for a very exciting time of the day for the kids.

Director Sharon Shebridge recently snapped a photo of Stacy’s “talking banana” and posted it to Twitter, where it’s starting to spread like wildfire. It’s understandable! This banana, and of course the wonderful spirit behind it, deserves all the recognition in the world!

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