A pet owner recently installed a security camera to unravel the mystery behind the daily rearrangement of her belongings. To her surprise, the footage revealed her puppy as the mischievous rearranger. Upon leaving the puppy alone for the day, the video captured the dog scurrying around, collecting the owner’s clothing items.

Once a sufficient number of items were gathered, the puppy meticulously arranged them on a section of the couch, forming what seemed to be a cozy nest. The clothes were organized into a snug pile, creating the perfect spot for the pup to snuggle into—providing a surrogate comfort in the owner’s absence.

Unable to snuggle directly with the owner, the puppy found solace in the scent of her clothes. Dogs’ heightened sense of smell serves as a source of comfort, especially in times of stress or loneliness. It’s a common practice to give animals an item belonging to their owner to ease separation anxiety. In this case, the puppy instinctively sought solace in a familiar and soothing act to navigate the solitude of the day.

So, the next time you discover your belongings rearranged, consider turning to your furry companions for an explanation. If items are arranged in a bed-like manner, it’s likely your pets expressing their natural instincts for comfort and companionship

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