This Coca-Cola Bottle Cake Offers Delicious Coke Flavor Throughout Its Center

If you are a fan of Coca-Cola, this is the perfect cake for you. Not only does this video show you how to create a Coca-Cola cake that looks just like a bottle of Coke, it also teaches you how to make the delicious layers of cake that feature chocolate and vanilla cake layers, with coke jelly and cream. All of this deliciousness is covered with dark chocolate and the finished result is absolutely amazing to see!


This video was made by Ann Reardon of How to Cook That. Ann comes up with the most unique creations. Although this was not her idea originally, she makes it her own by taking this cake a step higher than any other baker has! Can you imagine serving this at a BBQ? Your guests would go wild! When you see Ann cut this delicious cake, you will not be able to hold back the drool. Make sure to Please SHARE on Facebook for everyone to enjoy.

How To Cook That

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