Spiders as we know they have this look of being unpopular, for many of us they feel so creepy even scary toward spiders. But this one is pretty different believe me.

You can believe in the video that spiders can also be cute and innocent “Still you’ve got to keep your distance”😃

Look at this, because this spider seems to be about to quit the sweetest dance moves. Of course, can you blame him by dancing simultaneously with YMCA? I WON’T 🤣

This is matatus Volans, also known as sliding spider or peacock spider. They have some magical colors on them.

As you can imagine, this was an arrangement of some bright spider colors and some pictures taken by the peacock or shiny bird to attract, attract, and feed their bodies to women.

You might have a question and to answer it this spider causes no danger to humans in any way.

So actually, there won’t be a reason for you to not like this spider, especially by showing us his dance moves that were so beautiful.

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